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" It is the greatest of all mistakes to do nothing because you can only do a little."

-Sydney Smith

"The strongest salesperson on your team is a testimonial from a loyal customer. Testimonials are PROOF."

-Jeffrey Gitomer www.gitomer.com
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 "Are your Customers selling for you?"

Everyone has a website. Now is the time to stand out above the rest. Give you and your company instant credibility with LIVE video testimonials of your best clients. Put a face and a personality... an identity to your product... the "recognition factor". You will earn immediate trust from a viewer. Imagine closing a sale from a video right on your website... the potential is there. We can make it happen within your budget.

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Below are descriptions of our latest Video Marketing Ideas. We are always developing and creating New Products and Services please feel free to call us at 267.228.0371 or 908.313.7394 for more in-depth details.

We film in 4K & HD - New Green Screen Options Available - New Mobile Audio and Aerial HD Video Division

Digital Business Card:
The Digital Business Card is our signature product. It showcases your product and/or services with 5 video testimonials from your best customers/clients, a statement from you and video/photos of products/services, text, voice-overs, background music... did I mention energy. You get an HTML code of your video to embed in your website, download MP4 version to smart phone and two hard copy DVD's in Bluray or standard format. Up to 6 minutes in length.

Business Profile: On location... A full business profile of the Who, What and Why of your business. You get an HTML code of your video to embed in your website, download MP4 version to smart phone and two hard copy DVD's in Bluray or standard format. Up to 3 minutes.

Web Point: A unique Video that embeds in your website pointing visitors to a specific page or product on your site. Up to 3 minutes. You can also use this tool to give instructions or contact information. You get an HTML code to embed in your website.

The Before & After: Calling all contractors, architects, Interior Designers... you get the picture. This is a wonderful tool to showcase your project before and after and maybe a little in between. This works great with a voice-over describing what was done to make your work look so good. Up to 3 minutes. You get an HTML code to embed in your website.

Real Estate HD Video Home Tours: Great for Real Estate Agency's and their agents to showcase a home on the web. Have potential buyers take a video tour through a house with voice-overs describing every step of the way. You get an HTML code to embed in your website, listing gets its own URL, Bonus Virtual Tour and Slide Show,  and MUCH MORE Click Here For More Details

Weekly Update: No... it's not a Saturday Night Live skit, just a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly news flash or tip for your web visitors or newsletter. Short, sweet and to the point is the best advice. We try for 2 minutes. You get an HTML code to embed in your website.

Mobile Audio: Montage Show Productions has just developed its NEW Mobile Audio Division. We can go to any location and record Voice Over projects, Speeches, Events... even Live Concert Events. We can capture your Audio and convert to any file or even burn your project right to CD.

All of our productions can be Streamed right thru most Smart Phones with High Quality MP4 Files... FREE

The Answer is in these few questions: 
  • What is the value of your Image?
  • How much is a new Client Worth?
  • What is your time worth?
  • How much is your sales team worth?
  • What is a sound, constant sales message worth?

Get the picture... Just like the commercial, PRICELESS. Every Video Production is unique to your specific needs. Once our team evaluates those needs in person, we will process your production options and offer you a professional, competitive price that is VERY reasonable. 

Once you are a client... we can make changes to any video we produce as your business, products and services change for a minimal maintenance fee.

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